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Anorexia Nervosa / Bulimia Nervosa / Binge Eating Disorder / Eating Disoders Not Otherwise Specified EDNOS

Sometimes food and eating assume an abnormal significance in people’s lives, and rather than eat in response to hunger or appetite, individuals use food and eating to cope with painful or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, or with stressful situations.


As someone with a possible eating disorder you may find life messy, inconsistent, frightening and erratic and your eating disorder helps you to cope with life's problems, and/or to feel more in control. You may find it difficult to concentrate and function in education and work, no longer enjoy leisure activities and social engagements.

As part of an eating disorder you may feel overly in control of food or feel a total loss of control around food.  You may over exercise, binge, use slimming teas/pills, laxatives, vomitting, and/or chew & spit  as ways of managing.  


Often there will be other psychological issues tied in with the eating disorder such as: depression, anxiety, OCD, low self-esteem, perfectionism, alcohol & drugs & have difficult relationships.


Eating disorders are complex illnesses with no single cause. Psychological, interpersonal, socio-cultural and biological factors all seem to play a role. 

With many years experience working as clinical specialist lead in eating disorders at the world re-knowned Maudsley hospital / Institute of Psychiatry, we can use a variety of evidenced based treatments to meet your needs whether: CBT, Maudsley model for anorexia (MANTRA), Cognitive remediation therapy (CRT), Family therapy, motivational interviewing, Interpersonal therapy, Mentalisation based therapy.


Breaking free of an eating disorder may be the toughest challenge of your life but many people are able to make a recovery from the physical, psychological and social repercussions of an eating disorder. We know from research that the earlier someone seeks help the more likely they are to recover, so get in touch...


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